Fixing Flat Tire on Your Own

Most common predicaments of owners of Lincoln car parts in Lynn, MA bump into are flat tires. Most of the time, this happens when they drive around their cars in Lynn, MA endlessly without paying careful attention to the car’s tires. Keeping your cool, being calm and collected, whenever your car encounters flat tires in Lynn, MA will definitely help you in coming up with an efficient solution. In spite of this misfortune, surely you can come up with an idea to rectify the problem using these tips we will provide about flat tires in Lynn, MA.


First, it is imperative to TURN ON your car’s flashers as you gradually pull off the road the moment you realized there are flat tires in Lynn, MA. Ensure that the area you are about to park your car with flat tires in Lynn, MA is away from the traffic but making sure you are still visible from the road and not totally secluded. An area that is flat and leveled is preferable while you perform changing of the flat tires in Lynn, MA as parking on inclines or in slope area could be quite challenging.  When you already have found that perfect spot and securely parked your car with Lincoln accessories in Lynn, MA, do yourself a favor by informing other motorists that you are in some kind of car trouble in Lynn, MA – who knows, you may get your luck this time and be able to catch the attention of passing car mechanic in Lynn, MA. In case no one is able to help, start to put up your flares. Do not forget to put on the hand brake of your car with Lincoln accessories in Lynn, MA as there’s a big chance it could actually roll while you are trying to fix the flat tires in Lynn, MA. It is advisable to place a large rock or a huge piece of wood beneath all the other wheels before starting to tinker with the flat tires in Lynn, MA to make certain that the car would not roll.


By the way, if you have a working glove in your toolbox, wear it on as this can get really messy. Next, put the transmission of your car with Lincoln accessories in Lynn, MA in “park” or in “gear”. After which, start assembling the equipment you would need to change the tire – the spare tire, a leverage pipe, the jack, and a lug nut wrench. Then, by using the lug nut wrench, loosen the lug nut on your flat tires in Lynn, MA. This should be done by turning the tool counterclockwise. Loosen them while not completely removing them and once all are loosen, then it is time to jack up your car with Lincoln accessories in Lynn, MA. Make sure that the car is elevated enough for the new and full Lincoln parts in Lynn, MA could fit in when you’re replacing it. Next, remove the loosened lug nuts. At this time, you can already remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare Lincoln parts in Lynn, MA. Ensure the replacement tire is tightly in placed and the lug nuts are also tightened. You can now put down the jack and you are done! You made it! Have a safe drive of your cars in Lynn, MA.