In life it is not the things we expect that cause us the most concern, it is the unexpected. The unanticipated situation will cause us the most stress and usually the most money. Consider our automobiles for example. Most of us have more than one key to our automobiles. Many times each spouse will have a key to each car. We consider this a safety net. If one spouse loses their keys, they can retrieve one from the other spouse until they find or replace them. This is a logical and rational safety net. But this plan leaves much room for chance.


What if while getting out of your car, your handbag or briefcase accidently hits the auto lock button? You have slammed the door shut before you realize that your keys are inside or worse, your baby is still secured in their car-seat! What if you don’t notice that you did not hit your handbag when you dropped your keys and your keys are now lying on the floor matt inside your vehicle? There are many things that happen every single day that put you in an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situation. You grab your cell phone to call your spouse who has the extra key only to find out he or she is an hour away seeing a client or about to board a plane or they simply have their phone set to go directly to voice mail because they are tied up in meetings all day. Now what do you do?


Massachusetts Towing Services understands these types of emergencies. One may not immediately think of a towing service near you to assist you when you have lost or locked up keys; but Massachusetts Towing Service is not your average towing service. Massachusetts Towing Services is a 24 hour towing service, and they offer much more than towing. They have highly trained automobile locksmiths on staff to assist you with your key emergency.


Mass Towing Services is a full service company that prides itself in being equipped and trained to help the people with any emergency that happens on the road. Mass Towing Services treats all their customers like family. When a family member is locked out of their car, you drop everything to get to them to ensure their safety and comfort. Your family member has a problem and you rush to correct it. Mass Towing Services operates with that same sense of urgency. When you can’t help, they can. They have qualified locksmiths trained to open any car in seconds. They get there and they get the situation under control. That is their priority. 

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There are times when the situation is more serious than an accidently locked door upon exit. Perhaps the key is stuck in the ignition, or perhaps it has broken off in the ignition. The car could even be running! These problems are manageable by Mass Towing Services. Remember, they are there for ANY road emergency. From the easy job of unlocking a door to the mechanical issues of a broken key in the ignition, Mass Towing Services has you covered.


Keeping the number 1-844-MASS-TOW in your phone is the smartest thing you can do if you have to drive in the Lynn, MA area. No matter what the situation, call Mass Towing Service. Chances are good that they are equipped to help!


Here are a few reasons why you need to always have Mass Towing on speed dial:


  • Keys locked in the car.

  • Keys are lost.

  • Key is bent or showing signs of damage.

  • Key’s computer chip damaged or not functioning.

  • Automobile locks broken (leaving your vehicle unlocked).

  • Key is broken off in the ignition switch or the car door.

  • Trunk, glove compartment or console is jammed or will not open.

  • Reprogram or replacement of transponder keys.

It does not matter what type of vehicle you are operating, Mass Towing Service can access it. If it is a motorized vehicle with a key, they can fix it.


  • Domestic Automobiles (cars, SUV’s and trucks).

  • Luxury vehicles, including limousines.

  • Party buses, cargo vans, commercial semi’s, delivery couriers.

  • Off-Road vehicles, jeeps and 4 wheel-drive vehicles.


Technology is always changing, and the automobile locksmiths at Mass Towing Services are keeping up with technology. They are continually growing and are sure to be on the cutting edge of the industry.


Whether you are a small company making your deliveries, or a mother running errands; when you get stranded it is an emergency. Mass Towing understands that. Call 1-844-MASS-TOW and someone will be there to assist you in 30 minutes or less. They guarantee their work and their service.


The time to consider an automobile locksmith is before you need one. Just as you would not just flip through the phone book and pick a mechanic randomly when your car breaks down; you should not wait until you need a locksmith to check them out. An under-qualified locksmith can cause more damage to your vehicle.


You need a locksmith that has around the clock service. You want fast and reliable service from a professional you can trust. You want someone who knows how to work on the locking system of your car without scratching the car or damaging the mechanical system of the car.


Check out Mass Towing Services today you can rest assured they will be there when you need them!

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