Flatbed towing services is designed to help you during an emergency when your vehicle suddenly breaks down or becomes disabled. Flatbed towing services is a well-recognized organization in Massachusetts and its environment. Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including every holiday. We offer any kind of towing and car lockout services available for every type of vehicle. We owe our success to our top professional staffs who loves what they do, they know the nukes and cranny of the state, have numerous years of experience and knows how to operate our high tech equipment within the blink of an eye.


We are a pretty united but not only that, we are dedicated to rendering our services to customers in good quality and to serve the entire community and beyond. Our customers are our number one priority and this is something we place above every other thing. We have put in place a quick response that ensures our staff get to you location usually within a few minute prior to the time your call is received.


Flatbed towing service houses a large number of experienced and skilled tow truck drivers and technician that are train in various fields, which include road assistance, towing and car locksmith services. We are very much available 24/7 and every single day of the year. Our staffs usually get to their destination upon call, in 30 minutes or less.


Professional service is guaranteed


Our customer service representatives, drivers, roadside assistance specialist and locksmiths are certified and well trained in their various fields of specialty. They are blessed with an immense experience and they know how to deal with any available situation, especially cases of emergencies. They will provide you with all the services you need and more, they will as well do whatever it takes to help you out of any situation you might encounter whether you are finding a way to a nearby gas station or motel if you are just passing by or you happen to be new to our services.


Flatbed towing services offers a full range of towing services


If you need your vehicle towed anywhere around Massachusetts, or your car refuse to start, or you need a quick fix but far from a gas station, whether you require a replacement batter or a jump start, Flatbed towing services is always here for your needs. We are committed to proving you with the most reliable and quality auto recovery and towing services.

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roadside assistance


We have the best equipment for maximum satisfaction


We usually do steady tune up, check up and maintenance of all our machines and equipment to be sure they are very fit to dispatch our services within and beyond Massachusetts. We can also assure you that our tow trucks are high tech and of the best quality. There won’t be any need to worry about interruption and disturbance will not occur when our operation is ongoing.


We are dedicated to serving the community


Just as mentioned, you satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to serving the entire community. You should be aware that we are not the type of companies that comes up with lame excuses like unbearable traffic or inclement weather, when moving out to tend to a customer. We are the type that arrives on time mostly before schedule. All of our previous customers are more than happy to proof this.


Listed below is the complete list of all our services:


Our services


Local towing service: we provide the best service when it comes to towing a car from one location to another. It could be a long or short distance but you can always count on us.


Heavy duty towing: If you need to have a heavy duty towed, we provide the best in these services as well.


Roadside service: are you locked out of your car or have a dead battery or gas issues? We are always here to help.


Long distance towing: If you will like to move your vehicles for more than 150 miles, we can also be of great help in this scenario.


Our technicians are present across multiply locations in Massachusetts, this enables them to arrive at any location usually within 30 minute or less. At any point in time, you can always count on auto expert technicians including drivers for any of the following services as well:


  • Motorcycle tow

  • Medium and light heavy duty towing

  • Heavy duty towing

  • Mass towing and tow dolly

  • Long distance and local towing

24 hours roadside assistance

  • Changing of car battery if the need arises

  • Recharge vehicle battery or jump start

  • Out of gas fuel

  • Tire fix or flat tire or tire repair

  • Locksmith and lookout services


Our experienced technicians can help you unlock and open any type of vehicle and lockout situation like unlocking door, open trunk, extraction or ignition key replacement, re keying, expert lock picking and many more.


  • Key programming and key making


  • We replace keys if it is lost or misplaced, even those with remote control access


  • Battery operated keys and programming of keys for various types of electronics. This includes: chip key, immobilizer key, remote key, transponder key and many more.


What makes Flatbed towing services unique and different from other towing services? All the above locksmith services and roadside assistance are available and accessible on the spot, at any location of your vehicle and no towing is required to get this done. All of our technicians are fully certified, licensed, bonded, insured and they have an immense wealth of experience in the towing industry.

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