24hr Towing Services in Peabody, MA. zip codes: 01960, 01961.


It does not matter how new or how old a car or truck is. It does not matter how carefully the vehicle is maintained. The fact is, any number of things can make a vehicle break down. It may be something as simple as a loose battery connection that causes a car to die. It could be an accident or the fuel could run out.


The winters in Massachusetts are tough on the roads. Potholes are a major concern. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that the average driver in Massachusetts will spend $478.00 annually on car repairs due (only) to potholes. Hitting a pothole can ruin a tire, axle, steering, and alignment of a vehicle. Though the expense is concerning, the safety to a driver and occupants of a vehicle, while it is disabled, makes it a top priority to Massachusetts Towing Services.


Massachusetts Towing Services is a 24-hour towing service dedicated to the Peabody MA area. Peabody is a beautiful coastal community in the North Shore region, that draws visitors and tourist year round. Becoming stranded in any unfamiliar area is frightening. We recommend that any driver that is experiencing a vehicle problem pull the automobile out of traffic to a safe place if possible. Call Massachusetts Towing Services and our dedicated and skilled associates will be there as quickly as possible. Our 24-hour towing service will locate the vehicle using our cutting edge GPS system and we will get there quickly.


Massachusetts Towing Services responds faster and arrives quicker than other 24-hour towing service companies. We know you are not safe until your family and automobile are secured. We have built our reputation on fast, efficient, experienced and affordable service.


There are many reasons why an automobile may become disabled. It may be a flat (or blown out) tire, a dead battery or running out of gasoline. Whatever the situation, our associates arrive with the tools and supplies needed to correct it. We even have a locksmith on duty to assist if keys are locked in the vehicle. We cover all the bases so you make one call that does it all. We know it does no good to be a 24-hour towing service company if we are not equipped to handle anything that could come up. This is where our many years of experience comes in handy.


Massachusetts Towing Services is able to tow any automobile safely from a sedan to a truck to a luxury vehicle. If the (rare) situation arises that Massachusetts Towing Services cannot take care of, we will tow your vehicle to a safe location and give you a ride so you can make arrangements with the professionals you need to. We are happy to assist any way we can. Since we are a 24-hour towing service, you may be stranded in the middle of the night. We will get your car and you to a safe place.


Many 24-hour towing services treat their customers like they are doing them a favor for coming to their aid after business hours. Massachusetts Towing Services understands that we are only as good as our reputation. We have built that reputation carefully with respect and quality. We are fair and we know you have choices. We want to be your first choice for 24-hour towing services. If we treat you well at 3 a.m. with your dead battery; we know you will call us when you need us at noon for a key retrieval. This is how Massachusetts Towing Services became the best 24-hour towing service company in the Peabody, MA area.


Technology is ever-growing in the automobile industry. Not only does that affect the way an automobile operates; it could affect the way it is serviced and/or towed. We are continually educating our employees and associates to remain cutting edge in the 24-hour towing service industry. We cannot afford to be caught off guard with a lack of knowledge. Our dedication to our employees is equal to our dedication to our customers.


If you find yourself stranded, afraid and in trouble in Peabody, no matter what time it is; we hope you will call Massachusetts Towing Services First. We will get to you fast and we will come equipped. You will find our toll free number below. We guarantee an immediate response, fast service and expertise that is second to none!


Note: We sincerely want to be your 24-hour towing service company. However, no matter who you call, we encourage you to use caution and be safe. Always have a cellphone in your vehicle with a car charger. Have your 24-hour towing service phone number programmed in so you will not be trying to surf the Internet in the middle of the night to find a telephone number. Always have a flashlight with extra batteries in the event that you signal traffic around you at night. Keep an extra coat in your car if you are driving in the winter and always keep a bottle of water in your car in case you call a 24-hour towing service that does not service their customers promptly. Pull your vehicle off the road and always stay with your vehicle so you can be located. Do not accept a ride from strangers. Wait for the tow truck and if you become concerned, dial 911.


24-Hour Towing Services near Peabody, MA.


Our 24-hour emergency roadside assistance is available for the Peabody and surrounding areas


24HR Towing Services in Peabody, MA. 

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Important Contact information in Peabody, MA.

Peabody, MA. - City Hall - http://www.peabody-ma.gov/

Peabody, MA. - Police Department - http://peabodypd.org/

Peabody, MA. -  Fire Department - http://www.peabodyfire.org/

Peabody, Masssachusetts Department of Transportation - http://www.massdot.state.ma.us/

Peabody, Massachusetts State Police - http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/msp/


24HR Towing Services near Peabody, MA.

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