24hr Towing Services in Melrose, MA. zip codes: 02148.

The reality is no one wants to call a tow truck company, but at some point, your automobile or truck may disappoint. It could be something minor like a dead battery or a more serious issue like a breakdown. Whatever the problem Mass Towing Services is a 24-hour towing company in Melrose, MA to help with your vehicle emergencies.


We offer 24-hour roadside assistance to individuals who find themselves stranded. In this case, it is unsafe to hang around an unknown place, pick out a random towing service from the yellow pages, or worse yet trust that unsolicited tow truck that pulls out of nowhere. Our towing company in Melrose, MA is at your service seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


We understand that being stuck on the road is uncomfortable for you, as such we take pride in arriving just minutes after a phone call, a time range most of our competitors cannot offer. Our speed in arrival is due to the fact that our company is the closest towing company in Melrose, MA. Our technicians also work efficiently to get your car fixed and on the road in a short time, and on the off chance, your car needs more repairs we will tow it to the nearest service center or dealership for further repairs.


When Should You Call Us?


Empty Gas Tank


Running out of gas may sound like a funny experience when it happens to friends and family, but let’s face it, it can happen to anyone. If you find yourself stranded due to an empty gas tank don't panic our towing services in Melrose, MA will be there to refill your tank in minutes.


Tire Change


Overloading your vehicle or entering a nasty pothole can cause a tire blowout. Fixing this problem yourself is entirely possible but may be dangerous to do at night or on a highway. Our tow truck service in Melrose, MA will be there as soon as you call with tools to fix your tire, and if needed, bring a new tire to replace the old one.


Flat Battery


A flat battery is one of the most common car problems drivers face. Most times a battery dies unexpectedly making you late to a doctor’s appointment or a brunch meeting. Rather than Google less than reliable ways to kickstart a dead battery, call Mass Towing Services to charge your battery and get you back on the road in no time.


Locked Car


It’s common for drivers to get locked out of their cars and however embarrassing the situation is you will need help unlocking your vehicle. Our expert technicians will ensure that no damage comes to your car or lock, while we try to open the vehicle. We even provide locksmiths who can form a new key on site if needed.




Towing is the last option we consider but one that we are well prepared for. A flatbed tow truck is easily the best equipment for towing a car, and our flatbed tow truck is well functioning and readily available for this purpose.


Why Should You Call Us?


Cheap Towing Services


You may be wondering "how can I find cheap towing near me?" "a towing company near me?" Or "town truck near me?" Well, our tow truck prices are very affordable, and cheaper than most of our competitors. Keeping our customers in mind, we try to maintain reasonable prices for our services despite the costs of keeping our tools and equipment up to date with technological advancements.


Quality Towing


Our many years of experience operating in Melrose, MA means we are familiar with the landscape of the town and will get one of our tow trucks to you in a matter of minutes. Our services go beyond towing alone, we also provide trained technicians to fix emergency car issues.


Experienced Services


We have many years of experience providing roadside assistance in Melrose, MA, as well as towing services in Melrose, MA. As a result, we are familiar with the residents of the town, with years of developing a mutual relationship.


Also, our quality towing services using the best of equipment and technicians makes us the most reliable tow truck service in Melrose, MA. We can handle any automobile from antique vehicles to luxury cars and even large trucks. Our skilled workers and technicians do their best to ensure every vehicle is treated with safety as the primary concern.


24-hour roadside assistance


Ever Googled “24-hour tow truck near me”, “towing in my area,” or “road service near me” Chances are you have, and if you’re in Melrose, MA be assured our tow truck company is available to you 24/7. Our specialty is in emergency situations that could happen anytime during the day. As a result, a tow truck is always on standby to provide emergency services that our competitors cannot match.


Trained Personnel


One of our biggest selling points is the level of expertise our personnel bring to the table. All of our workers are regularly trained, and we expect nothing but excellence from them. Complaints from customers are taken very seriously, as complete customer satisfaction is our end goal.


A lot of drivers make the mistake of contacting the first tow truck company they come across in a phone book, just to discover that the company isn’t even in their immediate area, keeping them waiting for several minutes for help. Don’t let this be you.


Looking for “24 hour tow truck near me”, “tow company near me”, “cheap towing near me”, “towing in my area”, “town truck near me”, “road service near me”, or “towing company near me” then Massachusetts Towing Services is the one to call.


We are the closest towing company in Melrose, MA. We offer 24-hour roadside assistance, lowest tow truck prices, and roadside assistance in Melrose, MA

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Melrose, MA. - City Hall - http://www.cityoflynn.net/

Melrose, MA. - Police Department - http://lynnpolice.org/

Melrose, MA. -  Fire Department - http://www.lynnfire.org/web/

Melrose, Masssachusetts Department of Transportation - http://www.massdot.state.ma.us/

Melrose, Massachusetts State Police - http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/msp/


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