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Nowadays, your vehicle can break down at the least expected places during your journey. You may never be able to fathom the exact problem until you seek professional help. One factor contributing to the incessant breakdowns is the sophistication in car technology. The use of sophisticated technology in cars is good. But it poses great concerns whenever a car breaks down especially on the roadside. The truth is; you may never be able to fix the problem alone while on the roadside. This is a moment of distress that requires the urgent help of a professional. So, in today’s world affordable towing in Lynn, MA is important. This is factual for all towing services like heavy duty and wheel lifting towing. All you need is an unswerving company like Mass Towing Services to help you in your moments of distress.


Pricing is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to looking for towing services. Although there are many towing companies, Mass Towing Services is affordable and dependable. We offer services ranging from flatbed, light, medium and heavy truck towing. If you are stuck in snow or mud, we offer winch-out tow services to retrieve your car. The truth is; for car owners, towing a vehicle can be the most expensive part of the repair process. But there are a few ways to decrease cost via affordable towing in Lynn, MA. These affordable towing options include:


1. The use of a national auto club such as AAA.


2. The use of tow companies that has a repair facility. These companies will usually offer incentives like affordable towing options. If you decide to get your car repaired at their facility.


3. The ability to call a few local tow companies to compare prices before agreeing to a price. The truth is; pricing varies depending on fleet availability and tow location/destination. Most times, the availability and non-availability of insurance affects towing price too.


Mass Towing Services offers all three options for affordable towing in Lynn, MA. In fact, we are the most affordable towing service provider in Lynn, MA and the North Shore Area.


To the best of our knowledge, no one plans to suffer or experience a car breakdown or an accident. It happens with no outright warning at the least expected places while you are on the road. All you need is a company that offers affordable towing in Lynn, MA. You need a company that willing to come to your rescue irrespective of the time. The truth is; you should not spend hours waiting for prompt rescue response from any company. All you need is just a call away and a team of towing experts will respond.


If you are in Lynn, MA or the surrounding North Shore Area, Mass Towing Services offers affordable towing! We make affordable towing available to all our customers. We offer such services through free towing and diagnostic for repair customers. We are vendors for major National Auto Clubs. If these options do not suit your needs, we offer the most affordable towing rates in Lynn, MA.


We have an auto repair shop where you can get well-priced towing and repair services. In fact, we offer maintenance services like change of flat tire, change of oil and many others. Most of our maintenance and repair services are started and finished on the same day. Our prices are very competitive compared to dealerships or corporate auto repair shops. The truth is; we will never try to sell you any car parts that you do not need. Our priority is customer service and satisfaction. Our team of experts will tow your car from anywhere in Lynn, MA. This is how dedicated we are to you and all our customers.


We have a clear payment plan when it comes to our affordable towing in Lynn, MA. There is a clear evidence of the terms and conditions of each towing service and repairs. We provide an exact idea of what we will charge you or your insurance company for our services. These services may include the change of tire, towing, repairs or jump-starting your car. Whatever service it is, will be affordable for you. Generally, we offer at least 15% less than our competitors. You need a trustworthy and reliable company to help you in your moment of distress.


Our expert tow drivers tow anything including your motorcycle and weighty giant rigs. Our towing trucks will not damage your bumpers. Our team of professionals knows and understand how best to tow each type of vehicle. They tow everything, be it RWD, 4WD or heavy-duty vehicles without damaging the drive shaft. Mass Towing Services is a great choice for drivers. We provide high-quality and affordable towing in Lynn, MA either in the day or night.


In the case that your engine stops or your car stalls while on the road, reach out to us. We will help you immediately by dispatching an expert team to remedy the situation. Usually, a mechanic is the first option of call whenever your engine stops. But if your car stalls especially on the roadside, you need a towing service. In both situations, the cost of the services rendered by a mechanic is inevitable. But you can tremendously cut cost by hiring an affordable towing in Lynn, MA. We serve the whole of Lynn, MA with our team of highly efficient and effective professionals. Vehicle towing is more of a science and an art. It requires professionals who can guarantee the safety and security of your car.


Do you want your off-the-road racing car towed with missing parts on arrival at the venue of the race? The truth is; no you don’t. Mass Towing Services is insured and our insurance covers your car whenever it is being towed. In the case of any accident or incident that results in damage to your car, the insurance covers repairs.


You deserve the best of affordable towing in Lynn, MA. So talk to us about your towing needs. Be sure to tell us about the exact type of vehicle that you drive. This will help us in choosing the most affordable towing option for your vehicle. We understand the stressful nature of car repairs, towing and roadside response. As a result, Mass Towing Services offers a 24/7 towing and same day maintenance and repair services.

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