A Guide To Auto Transport & Vehicle Moving

Imagine buying a nice new car on one side of the country and you need to ship it to another location around the country? Or probably imagine you've sent your car to your ex, who happens to live in Toronto, Canada? Or even ordering an elegant ride online from New York, how does it get to you in San Francisco? Either of all these scenarios might not even have happened to you though, but tomorrow might just be the day. Bellow are some vital car towing tips that you need to know anytime you need the service of a 24 hour tow company in Lynn, MA:




It is important to bearing in mind that the process of towing a car from a place to another can take quite a while, owing to factors like distance and timing (even though there are a few 24 hours towing services in Lynn, MA). It is best to give enough time (at least 4 weeks) ahead when scheduling for car towing service in other to give the towing company enough time to get their logistics sorted out perfectly. Even if you are not going to be available during the fixed period, you can easily delegate the transferring of your car to a friend, neighbor or relative who would hand it over safely to the towing company. However, Most towing services near Lynn, MA offer door-to-door service.




The biggest mistake people often make is searching for ''free towing services near me", instead of searching for quality or cheap towing truck around Lynn, MA. The truth is that there is no genuinely free towing truck in Lynn or anywhere else; it's peoples business and they have to make profit. Be sure to obtain quotes from various car towing services and compare and contrast, then be clear on what the total shipping cost will be before deciding on which one fits your budget, without any damning compromise on standards. Before you dial any tow truck phone number in Lynn, MA, prepare the following details:


-Pickup and delivery destination


-Intended departure date


- Vehicle(s) Type


- Type of required service (e.g, terminal to terminal or door to door service)


- Special instructions or details you feel the car towing company should know




Method of Payment:


The mode and method of payment differs across car towing companies in Lynn, MA. While some companies require an advance payment of (10-25% of the agreed price), some don't require any payment beforehand, some companies charge for full payment, while others have flexible options. If you opt for deposit, remember you have to pay balance at the time of delivery, mostly in cash or a cashiers check. Also note that credit card usage may attract a surcharge of 1-3%. Therefore, consider all available payment option carefully before settling down for any.


License and paper work:


The auto shippers and transporter must be license by 'Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration' with a valid US DOT# or MC#. Any vehicle transported without the right documents will be classed as stolen or smuggled. Even though it is expected of any serious and professional car mover to get the required license, it is also good that you inquire and ensure the right licenses are obtained.




Your vehicle must be insured against theft or damage by the Car Transport Company. Make sure you have a copy of your INSURANCE COVERAGE and be clear on the status of the coverage (whether secondary or primary to your car insurance), in case of damage during transportation and if there is any damage deductible clause. Also verify and put all agreement in paper to avoid denial or fraud. , Check your car insurance package with your insurance company to know if your car insurance covers your vehicle in transit or not.


Carefully Inspect your Vehicle before shipping:


Normally, the car mover will provide a condition report detailing the condition of your car, in addition to that, try to take dated photographs of your car and attach to the report (for the records). Ensure the condition report include information like the dents, paint, millage and the general physical and working condition of the car. Keep records of the report safely in case of reference.


Delivery of your vehicle:


At the point of delivery, you have the best chance to carefully and slowly inspect your vehicle to ensure it is delivered as sent and in the conditions stated in the pre-shipping reports. The roof, glasses, body, rear and front bumper are some of the popular places that get damaged in transit, so try to double check. If you notice any inconsistencies, note them down as inconsistencies and have the delivery officer or driver sign it. If possible, avoid night delivery.


Disputes Resolution:


In the case of any misunderstanding, ensure you try to work things out amicably with the towing auto shipping company. Car movers are always willing to gently resolve issues in other to protect their reputation. In other to avoid unnecessary stress or prolonged dispute, be ready to compromise a little bit if the need be. However, in case no resolution is reached, agencies like (Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal and or State Department Of Transportation, BBB) and lastly, seeking legal counsel from your lawyer.


If you take your time to choose the right truck towing service, using the valuable tips shared above as a guide, you can be rest assured everything will go smoothly with your delivery and you'd enjoy the seamless experience.