Brakes First Before Driving

It is not difficult to learn driving an automatic car but things get complicated when you have a manual transmission car. Yeah! You might have learnt so many tricks to handle the processes inside these challenging cars still you will find some troubles that you cannot fix so easily. Professionals advise to take help from owners manual to get rid of basic troubles as these printable contain all essential instructions.

As per one recent report presented by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 2600 people get died every year due to road accidents whereas about 100,000 face terrible injuries. Most of these accidents occur due to wrong driving decisions as well as due to improperly managed vehicles. When it is time for summer vacation then chances road accidents rises more as people love to travel around the world with their friends and families. Professionals from NHTSA suggest vehicle owners to run detailed safety check on their Jaguar accessories to ensure everything is working fine before moving out for a family trip. If you add more care to life of your vehicle then you naturally get tuned to a memorable journey that safe and happy.

There are several essential things inside a vehicle that demands your attention but most important of all is your brake system. This mechanism helps drivers to slow down and stop their car even when they are driving at very high speeds. Actually proper working of brakes is essential to ensure complete auto safety. Before moving out for a trip, always prefer to ensure excellent condition of brakes and other associated circuitries.

Most of the time, we observe that people give all the attention to engine while ignoring Jaguar brakes system. But when you are on the road and want to stay safe then its brake that becomes your best companion. Here is one important concept that you need to know about brakes. Most of the people are following a common misconception that brakes are the cause to stop the vehicle but actually brakes only cause friction in the tire against road so that it naturally slows down and get stopped. Actually, brake help to stop movement of tires and that naturally stops movement of vehicle.

You must know that most of the modern vehicles like Jaguar these days are equipped with disc brake system. So, let us talk about these brakes specifically. The overall mechanism of disc brakes contains five major things: brake master cylinder, brake lines, brake pads, callipers and rotors or brake discs.

The disc brake system use to have a plate type disc that is attached to the wheel. This specially designed plate use to get squeezed due to the force applied to brake pads that lie inside calliper. The brake pads usually possess two layers; one is high friction material and other is metal backing plate. The backing plate help to develop the platform for friction but at the same time it also helps to protect brake calliper from development of excessive heat.

The brake callipers use to contain small pistons and they are wrapped around every part of the disc. These pistons actually help to force the brake pads against disc. Most of the time failures in brakes occur due to overheating and over usage. In few cases, it happens due to the fact that brake fluid gets boiled inside callipers and it caused obstruction in normal braking ability of the vehicle. When brakes gets faded then:

  • Pedal gets depressed more and goes much closer to floor.

  • When brakes get badly faded then pedals go all the way closer to floor and stops the normal braking mechanism.

  • The distance that brakes need to stop goes on increasing in dramatic manner.

  • Brakes start emitting some burning odour.

  • In few extreme cases, you will find smoke releasing from brakes or in worst cases it may even catch fire.


When all these details are actually clear to you after reading this article so it is advised to take preventive actions to keep your brakes well aligned along with other Jaguar parts. After all you care must be able to stop normally and smoothly. It is good to make investments for repair of braking mechanism on time because ignoring this part means you are ignoring safety of your own life. Professionals at Mass Towing Services suggest running thorough testing of auto parts so that all its deep troubles can be sorted out on time. Moving out with family becomes risky with faulty brakes. It is good to ask well trained technicians to fix all the troubles associated with brakes. But at the same time always ensure that you are taking help from a certified company that can ensure quality repair services. As per the experts at Mass Towing Services, it is recommended to replace the brake fluid after 24000 miles so that your vehicle can stay tuned to normal health. If you get your Jaguar XJ40 parts tested on time then it will help to reduce chances of road accidents and other mishaps. Ensure that your brake fluid is fresh enough so that it can maintain efficiency of whole system. Pay attention to performance of brake pads too. They must be designed with durable materials and should meet range of requirements such as low dust production, low noise and performance even when system is wet.

Note that, generally moisture content leads to reduction in boiling point of brake fluid so it causes undesired boiling of fluid even at unwanted conditions. In case if you are travelling on long mountain roads then boiling fluid can lead to sudden brake fade. Moisture content also causes corrosion for metal components inside the braking system that can often lead to sudden failure. All these troubles have one simple solution; you need to replace the fluid on time. Prefer to get guidelines about right fluid changing routines as per your vehicle design from owners manual. If you are not able to identify troubles properly then it is good to take help from Mass Towing Services at Lynn, MA.