The Importance Of Regular Services On Your Vehicle

Technology is changing at a breakneck speed and every field of life has been served its fair share of technology advancement. Automotive service is not an exception to the trend. It has also changed over the years. The biggest challenge is that there is no sign that the constantly changing technology will slow down any time soon.


Automobile technicians now have to continuously go for training to remain relevant. The speed at which technology is changing in the automotive repairs industry is so high that when you blink, you are left far behind. Can an auto mechanic who stopped going for training about 15 years ago handle the repairs of contemporary vehicles? It is a big “No”. Now the automobile technology is swinging towards driverless cars or robot cars. Automobile technicians need to prepare themselves as some of these cars are already on the road. In a about a decade from now, conventional cars may be on its way out of the market.


Super-sophisticated equipment and systems that could only be imagined about three decades ago are now a reality. Some of them are 42-volt batteries, variable-speed transmissions, hybrid vehicles, robot cars, electronic engine control, anti-lock brakes and computerized diagnostic systems. This makes continuous training necessary for auto mechanics. The techniques and tools required for carrying out simple oil change and brake service have changed drastically. While contemporary service tools and equipment come with convenience, they require proper training before auto mechanics can use them.


Due to the constant change in equipment, car owners find a way to assess the kind of equipment being used in a particular auto mechanic shop before they can entrust the technicians with their car. It is obvious that technology within automotive service industry will continue to change drastically and the longer any auto mechanic lags behind the more difficult it will be for him to catch up.


Years ago, auto mechanics did not have any business with a computer. They only dwelt with fuel, grease and engine oil. In fact most of them didn’t even know how to use a computer. Now computers have become a part of their equipment. No auto mechanic shop is ready for work without a PC. In fact, a lot of clients will want technicians to run a diagnostic scan on their faulty vehicle in their presence.


The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence(ASE) has continuously reminded motorists to follow the service scheduled in their manuals regularly or at least before traveling over a long distance because of its importance. Unfortunately, motorists have the habit of skipping services for two major reasons – to save cost and sheer procrastination.


The only time they feel pushed to bring their vehicles over is when something packs up or when it becomes faulty. But when it is still functional, they find it difficult to bring it over. Motorists seem to overlook the importance of regular services and routine maintenance check on their vehicles.


It is quite unfortunate that a lot of them ignore the service engine light as long as their vehicle is moving. Not only that, some of them also skip oil changes too despite the importance of regular oil changes.


The most effective and recognized organization dedicated to improving the quality of automotive service and repair is ASE. It was founded in 1972. As a way of enjoining motorists to avoid skipping the required services and routine maintenance check on their vehicles, some benefits of carrying out regular services have been outlined right below.


One of the commonest causes of accidents is vehicle neglect. When your vehicle is in topmost condition, it becomes even safer. You will drive it with peace of mind. A motorist once had problems with his headlights. They were no longer bright enough. Instead of taking the headlights for either repairs or complete replacement or at least, park the car until he could afford new headlights, he decided that he would never go out in the night.


One day, he went out early and hoped to come before dusk. Unfortunately, an unexpected event delayed him and it was close to dusk before he left. In the bid to get home before it got darker, he was driving recklessly. He was over-speeding. He ran into a pothole. Apart from the fact that he could not take his car home that day, he had to tow his car away and he paid for major repair works and he still changed the bad headlights.


Apart from careful driving, taking your car for regular services is another way to extend its lifespan. It is just like a stitch in time that saves 100 and not just 9. Sometimes a faulty spare part is discovered and changed during routine check.


People who don’t joke with routine checks do not encounter emergency situations. Their vehicles don’t pack up suddenly. It is also very important to hire a reputable auto mechanic. There are several auto mechanic shops around but some offer better services than others. Go for an ASE certified auto mechanic shop. You can only enjoy the benefits listed above if you take your car to reputable, experienced and certified auto mechanic shop that has been in operation for years. When it comes to the automotive repairs, do not base your choice on only affordability.


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