Does Mass Towing Services and Repair available for help in the middle of the night?

Yes, Mass Towing Services and repair work 24/7. Mass Towing services and repair specialists are available every day during the day or night to help you no matter where you found yourself stranded on the road and regardless of the problem you have. You can always rely on Mass towing Services and repair call center and availability of our service experts to come and rescue you and your vehicle. No matter whether you are on-road or off-road, whether you need local or non-local service, Mass Towing Services are here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!























I don’t know the distance from my car to your service, so how do I determine if my car should be towed locally or non-locally?

Don’t worry about that. Just call Mass Towing services and repair and explain where you are located and where you need to get. They will determine themselves if you require a local or non-local towing service. We have centers all over the nation; and depending on the region we offer different service options. So you don’t need to clutter your mind with these things. Just give Mass Towing Services and Repair a call and we will take care of the rest. We will provide you with the towing service, whether it’s local or non-local. We offer the same high level of service regardless of your location and whether you require local or non-local towing.  


What is the difference between local and non-local towing?

It all comes down to cost. Having your car towed by Mass Towing Services and Repair to a longer distance obviously involves more expenses for our towing service. Whereas local service is much cheaper and does not involve mileage charges and etc. However, regardless of the distance or your location, whether you need a local or non-local towing, Mass Towing Services and Repair specialists are always there to help you with any need. We will help you, near and far – wherever you are.



What’s included in the Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair  Gas Emergency service?

Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair offers a comprehensive fuel service. Mass Towing Services specialists will drive to wherever you are, regardless of the distance, and will bring enough gas to get you back on the road again. If you ran out of gas and are too far from the gas station, Mass Towing Services and Repair specialists will speedily bring the gas to you. If you need a specific quality of gas, or particular amount, our experts will make sure to meet all of your requests. Nobody needs to feel stranded simply because they ran out of gas. Mass Towing Services and Repair specialists who are on, all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will come to the rescue. We are like a mobile gas station. We will come to you when you need us. Just call Mass Towing Services and check out for yourself the level of our service. When you have our number, there is no need to worry.



What kind of automobile bodywork does Mass Towing Services provide?

Of course, Mass Towing Services and repair professionals cannot do a complete overhaul of your car exterior. Their work is limited only to touchups. However, the touchups that they do are the ones that make the most dramatic difference in restoring the car appearance to normal. With years all the nicks, scratches, and depressions on the surface of your car accumulate and make it lose its image of a new vehicle. Mass Towing Services and Repair has the best specialists in our repair department who know just which ones need to be fixed to make the most impression. Mass Towing Services and Repair goal is to make your car look beautiful with minimum expenses. We want you to be happy and become our return customer. So we want you to save money, not spend as much as possible. Whether you had parking lot dents, garage scrapes or minor road accidents, and just minor body work is required, Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair bodywork experts will fix your problems. They will buffer all the bumps and fill up the scrapes that make all the difference. Even if you had intensive accidents, call out Mass Towing Services and Repair specialists and you will be surprised at what they will do with your car.






















How do I know if I need light- or medium-duty towing for my car?

For vehicles between 10,000 and 25,000 lbs you will require a medium-duty towing service. For vehicles below 5,000 lbs you will need a light-duty towing service. If you don’t know the weight of your car, don’t worry. Just call Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair. Our experienced towing specialists will ask you questions about your car make and will determine the category of your car, whether it’s light-duty or medium-duty. A customer should expect from the towing company to know this technical information.



What is two-wheel towing and when is it used?

This is when your cars front wheels are lifted and fixed with the towing vehicle and its back wheels will be rolling when it’s towed. Two-wheel towing is usually used for short and medium distances. Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair offer this type of towing and it is used when appropriate. The cars most appropriate for this type of towing are front-wheel drive cars. The front wheels are lifted with a dolly and fit snuggly at the towing truck compartment behind the ramp.



How do I determine whether by my tires need to be replaced or just patched up?

Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair specialists understand your worries about the tire replacement question. We know the time, effort and costs involved in tire replacement. That’s why our specialists will try their best to determine if they can simply repair a damaged tire instead of replacing it. However, if a tire replacement is required for security reasons, we will insist on this solution. Driving with a tire that must be replaced is dangerous. Mass Towing Services and Repair would never recommend a customer to endanger her or his life by traveling in such an unsafe vehicle. You should trust Mass Towing Services experts to handle your auto emergency. They will consider every option to try to save you money and time and will recommend the optimal solution.



What is FLAT towing and when it is required?

Flat towing is a third option of towing a car. Instead of two-wheel towing or a flat bed towing, when the car is placed on the towing truck, Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair operators  may decide on flat towing option, when it’s the best solution. As the name implies, the car is being towed with its wheels flat on the ground. It’s possible with the use of a tow-bar, which has several advantages, including lightness, the ease and speed of connecting and disconnection the bar to the vehicle. This option is most appropriate for small cars with low clearance and four-wheel drives cars.



When does a car need winching?

Regardless of the towing job, Mass Towing Services and Repair experts use winching in almost every case. If we can’t use a crane to lift your car onto the towing platform or in some extraction cases when gentle handling is required, we will use a winch for your car. The winch that we use is strong enough to tow a truck or any size of a car. Of course not every towing job will involve the use of winch. You should trust Mass Towing Services experienced specialist to decide in each case which instruments to use and rely on their judgment.



















Why are transponder keys more expensive than regular keys?

The reason why they are more expensive is because the design and the material of the key is completely different. They use more sophisticated technology. Transponder keys uses RF signals and complex microchips to communicate with a more advanced and sophisticated computer unit.

Normally transponder keys are preferred on more expensive luxury cars. As a rule with these high-end cars, more costly materials and services are used. Our experts are well familiar with this complicated instrument. As an end result, this instrument is better for your car’s security. If you have this protection, it’s much more difficult to steal your car. When you have an expensive car, it is better to hire Mass Towing Services and Repair that knows how to operate these tools. So call Mass Towing Services and Repair for a high-end level of service for your luxury vehicle.



How can I reclaim my car if it was towed away?

We usually recommend contacting the company that has towed your vehicle. They will be able to provide you with further information as for the location of your car and give you further instructions. Obviously, there will be fees and fines involved in reclaiming your car. And if you don’t claim it long enough, usually unclaimed property is auctioned off.



What is heavy-duty towing?

Heavy-duty towing is used as a towing option for commercial vehicles – large freight vehicles or extremely heavy vehicles. Heavy-duty towing usually involves cranes and other heavy duty equipment to properly lift up such heavy and large vehicles. Most drivers do not require this type of service. If you suspect that you might require a heavy-duty towing service please give Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair a call. Mass Towing Services specialists will assess your specific needs and determine whether your vehicle requires a heavy-duty towing service.



Do you offer towing services for RVs?

Yes, Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair has all the necessary equipment and technology to tow any size of the RV. For RVs Mass Towing Services normally uses a flatbed tow. Whether you need local or non-local, off-road or on-road towing, we can safely pick up your vehicle and deliver it to the required destination. You don’t need to worry about being stranded on the road helpless and feeling that your vacation is ruined because of a simple flat tire or an engine breakdown. Mass Towing Services and Repair professionals are prepared for any type of towing emergency and will come to your rescue. Just call Mass Towing Services and Repair service center and we’ll be there for you, wherever you are.



What is a payload?

A payload is a combined weight of all the cargo inside the vehicle and its passengers. This number is used to determine the carrying capacity of your truck. Mass Towing Services and Repair specialists need this number in order to decide on the safest towing method. Don’t worry about knowing this figure. Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair experts will be able to figure out this number once they ask you about your car’s model and make.



How can I determine if my battery needs to be reloaded or replaced?

The truth is that you can’t! Only a Mass Towing Services qualified specialist can determine that. There are many variables involved, including the age of the battery, its type, the make of the car. Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair experts have the necessary equipment to determine whether you battery needs a reload or should be replaced. They will always root for a cheaper solution to try to save you money. And they will tell you all the available options and their consequences. So you as the owner will make final decision. But you can rely on Mass Towing Services specialists to give you the best advice and describe the situation objectively and truthfully to you.



What are the impound fees?

Impound fees are the cost of having one's vehicle towed away by a professional towing service. If the land or property owner finds an abandoned vehicle on his territory, he can request law enforcement authorities to tow that vehicle away. If this happens, obviously there are some expenses involved. And the car’s owner is responsible for reimbursement of these expenses to a towing company, including the storage fees, if any. These fees that have to be paid to the towing company for the services it performed are called impound fees.



















If I discover an abandoned vehicle on my property, how can I have it towed away?

Before an abandoned vehicle can be towed away from your property, there is a number of requirements that need to be met. First, you need to contact the police and give them the license plate numbers and the model of the car. After their requirements for towing are met, you can contact us and have this car towed away from your property. Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair can only provide service within the boundaries of the law. Therefore, for cars that are not owned by you, we will have to meet all the standard procedures and requirements of the local law enforcement authorities. Once we clear this with the police dept, we will always help you tow the car away to our impound facility.



If I have a large truck on my property that need to be towed away, how can I do it?

Once again, just like with the case above, you need to contact a local police dept first to meet their requirements. Once you get their clearance, you can contact us and we will do the job done for you. Just call Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair call center and get an assessment of the cost for the job. Massachusetts Towing Services provides heavy duty and truck towing services for any size of vehicle. Remember, the owner of the truck is responsible for compensation of the impound fees.



If my car is towed do I have to pay any fees to reclaim it?

Yes, the owner of the car is responsible for all the fees associated with towing your car to the impound lot. In some cities, the law does not require you to pay for the storage of your car for additional days of storage. So call Mass Towing Services and Repair to find out how much you owe if our company was responsible for towing away your vehicle.

Depending on the city in which you live, or the city in which your automobile is



If my car breaks down in the middle of the highway and I don’t know my location, how can you help me?

Don’t worry about this. Just dial Massachusetts Towing Service and Repair call center and provide our operators with as much information as you can find around, i.e. mile posts, road signs, fast food restaurants, etc. You will also be required to tell us your car model and make. Mass Towing Services and Repair qualified specialists will be able to determine which type of towing or service you require. They are also fully familiar with the highway system in the vicinity of their city, so they will easily locate you.



Can I get my money reimbursed for having a car towed off my property?

In most states, state law prohibits towing companies from compensation of such fees to the property owner. Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair will not break the law of the state in which we operate. So we will do the job that is required to free your property from any unwanted vehicle, but we will not do anything contrary to the state law.



Can your towing specialists unlock my car for me?

Yes, Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair specialists gladly provide lockout services to our customers. Regardless of the make or model of your car, our professionals will be able to open your car for you. Just make sure to describe the situation to the operator when you call our service center, whether you are locked out of the car, if the keys are inside or lost, your location and model & make of the car. Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair specialists will come to unlock your car for you in hurry.



Can car doors containing electric door locks or side impact air bags be unlocked?

Yes, this is not a problem for Mass Towing Services and Repair highly qualified specialists. With proper training and right equipment, any car doors can be unlocked. Call our service call center, and let Mass Towing Services trained professionals unlock your vehicle for you and to avoid any unnecessary and costly damage.



What kind of on-road assistance can I expect from your towing specialists?

All of Mass Towing Services personnel are highly trained in multiple tasks. So they are fully qualified to provide a wide range of on-road services, including gas tank refills, flat tire replacement or re-inflation, jumpstarts, etc. With years of experience they can do practically any job on the road and come prepared with all necessary instruments for any type of job. You can expect them to have experience with any type of emergency on the road. When you call Mass Towing Services and Repair, you are in the right place!



Can Mass Towing Services and Repair tow a motorcycle?

Yes, Massachusetts Towing Services and Repair certainly can. Our company uses the latest equipment created specifically for motorcycle towing. With this equipment the loading can be done by one person. Mass Towing Services and Repair equipment is designed for any size or type of motorcycle.



























Does Mass Towing Services and Repair drivers undergo any special training?

Yes, they do. All of Mass Towing Services and Repair drivers are required to go through a rigorous background record check by both our insurance company and local or state law enforcement before we hire them. On top of that, any new driver is required to attend an extensive hands-on towing training or recovery program. In addition, during employment all our employees are required to pass random drug tests.



Does Mass Towing Services and Repair tow trucks undergo inspections for defects like regular passenger vehicles?

Yes, all of Mass Towing Services and Repair tow trucks must pass annual state safety inspections. In addition, they must pass random local or state police inspections and DOT inspections.






















How come the towing charge is so high – I only needed my car to be towed a couple of streets down?

Just like any business involving professional service, towing service companies have high overhead costs and require a lot of investments in order to provide decent service. Some people don’t realize that. An enormous investment goes into trucks, equipment, drivers training, buildings, impound lots, administration, federal and state law requirements, taxes and fuel, to name just a few. We are not small mom & pup business from the corner. We pride ourselves in being a professional company operating in most states and offering high-level professional service to all our clients anywhere in the United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hire only highly qualified experienced experts and provide state-of-the-art equipment to perform a job for our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.