You invest in your own car with so many expectations and then take care of its servicing and regular maintenance and all other related expenses. But gradually the model of the car which you bought starts wearing out and become outdates. Every machine has its defined life which gradually comes down to NIL! And then the same car which was your friend in need becomes a junk and stays in your backyard like an eyesore! This is the cycle for every car which is used till the last stages of your life! What next? We understand that you may have sentiments attached to that car and you may have very good memories of your life related to it whether you want to keep this junk car in your backyard or not, is something which you need to decide!

So if you have a dead car in your garage, you have three following options:

  1. Put an ad on local classifieds and find if someone is interested in buying

  2. Find a local and reliable Junk Car Removal Service

  3. Leave the car as is and continue to enjoy your eyesore!


The first idea needs lot of patience and time as you would have to deal with multiple buyers who would make their decision only after visiting your premise. They will test and see and then decide which is undoubtedly time consuming!

Leaving the car in the garage itself is something which is the case right now! And if you would have wanted to continue with the same then you might not be reading this article!

So the only best option left to junk a car is to find a local scrap car removal service in Swampscott, MA., which can be little tricky and loss bearing too if you fail to choose the right auto repair service providers. If you are uneducated as to what these junk car removal service provides due to your cars then you may be duped. Hence while selecting one vendor for your junk car it is important to ask few questions!

  1. Will I get paid for my junk car?

  2. What are the charges of service providers for removal of cars?

  3. How much time it will take to scrap car from my garage?

  4. Is it possible to remove the car without title?


If the answers to above questions is YES, NO, 2-3 days and YES in the order of questions then this means that you’ve chosen a reputable junk car removal service and you can go ahead with your decision. But if the answer to any of it is different than what is mentioned here then you need to take judgement call. For instance, if they are going to take 4-5 days in removing the car but are paying you goo consideration then it is fine to wait for 2 more days! But if they are not agreeing to remove it without title then you may disagree even if you agree with rest of the terms.

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