We buy junk cars without title near Salem MA

Where is your car title? Do you still have it? Your car title is an essential document in the car trading process. You are going to need it whenever you want to sell or buy your vehicle. The car buyer expects you to transfer the certificate of title to record the transfer of ownership to him. Likewise, you should request the car title whenever you buy a vehicle. The car title is pretty important, and without it, you may find it challenging to trade your vehicle for cash. Many car trading platforms would not buy junk cars without title near Salem MA.

What do you do when you need to sell your vehicle, and the car title is not available? There are a few ways to sell your vehicle without the car title, but one of the easiest ways to do this is to sell your junk cars to Mass towing services. Unlike many other car sales platforms, we have an extensive car sales service that caters to a wide range of vehicles irrespective of how it looks and whether you have your car title or not. Also, we buy junk cars without title near Salem MA, at the best prices at Mass towing services.

Learn about the car title

Knowing some basic facts about the car title would give you an idea of how important it is and why many car buyers prefer not to buy junk cars without title near Salem MA.

The car title (also called the certificate of title) is a legal document that shows that your car truly belongs to you. It is usually issued by the state department of a motor vehicle (DMV). The certificate of title is one of the most critical documents that every car owner must possess to establish their claim as the legal owner. Your claim as the vehicle owner is recognized by the government and other authorizing bodies by having a car title.

 Aside from that, junk car buyers looking to buy your vehicle utilizes the car title to document the transfer of car ownership from you to them. The assignment of the title's section that allows the car seller to transfer his ownership rights to the car buyer; this section also has detailed instructions, declaration, and signatures from both parties. If the car title isn't available, it becomes a lot more complicated to do this. This is also another reason why car buyers choose not to buy junk cars without title near Salem MA.

Do not worry! Even if you do not have your car title anymore, Mass towing services would still buy your vehicle at the right scrap car value. Everyone can get the best at our auto scrapping services.

Information on the certificate of title

In addition, the car title also contains technical information about your vehicle. These data describe the state of the car. Some of them are;

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Every vehicle has a VIN unique to it and no other vehicle. The Vehicle identification number works to identify the car from other cars. It is usually included in the car title, and the number on the car title should always tally with the VIN.

Model and Brand

The type of vehicle- brand, year, color, and model is included in the title certificate. Also included are technical details such as mileage and car history.

Lienholder details

In special cases where the car buyer took an auto loan to purchase his vehicle, the lender would have his name included on the car title as the lienholder. The lienholder has a copy of the car title and some level of legal rights to the vehicle until the loan is repaid in full.

Mass towing services buy junk cars without title near Salem MA

We know how difficult it is for car owners to find an auto wrecker who buys junk cars without title near Salem MA. Because of this, we have prepared a car trading platform that accepts other proof of vehicle ownership in the place of the car title. You can easily tender your driving license, vehicle registration, and photo ID instead.

Looking for where to sell your junk cars without the certificate of title, sell them to Mass towing services for the best prices. Contact us to get started.