Oil – The Lifeblood of Your Car

Are you providing right care to the engine in your car? Efficiency of your vehicle completely depends upon the performance of its engine. And the deep fact is that oil works like the lifeblood for your vehicle’s engine. We have observed most of the cases where people do not give proper attention to the engine oil and it naturally starts damaging the performance of engine. What this engine oil actually do inside? The answer is here: it adds preventive care for metal to metal contacts, helps to take away heat from combustion cycle.  At higher temperature ranges, it also prevents oxidation. Hence, this is not just oil but it is lifeblood for your car and it demands special care from owner.

I have gone through so many instances where I have observed people ignoring the basic needs of their vehicles. Few days ago, I was travelling in a car that was facing active oil leak issue. Although, the driver was aware about what is happening to the vehicle and all passengers advised him several time to take some help from professionals to solve the trouble. But he was not ready to call the tow truck and not even pulled the car to the side of road. However, he had a plan to manage it at home later but the sad fact is that he forgot to do so. Ultimately, the engine got seized and vehicle stopped running. Look, how a simple mistake turned into a big trouble. Even there was a simple solution, she just need to initiate a call to Mass Towing Services at Lynn and those professionals would have managed everything perfectly.

This is simply the biggest example of carelessness and foolish decisions by ignoring vehicle’s major issues. It was necessary to understand one simple fact that no car or vehicle can run without getting proper lubrication from oil in the engine part. As oil leaks and its service decays to engine then naturally the friction and heat increases in the engine causing disturbance or even blockage in its normal functionality.

Several years ago, when I got my first car, after driving it for few days, I moved to the service experts to get its first oil changed. The mechanic at auto service center advised me to prefer to change oil more frequently, preferably before 5000 miles. As per his advice, this practice can ensure me a long life span of engine service that will go up to 20000 miles. I took his advice seriously and started changing oil for my vehicle within every 3000 miles and look at the surprise; it stopped working at 189,000 miles. The fact is that it was not due to any trouble faced by engine rather it happened just because of frame rusting.

During his maintenance task, he also mentioned that the engine in my vehicle is of larger size as per common requirement; the suggestion was driving me to replace that manufacturer installed engine with the smaller one. But I simply kept on using the same large oil filter and I slowly realised that it is installed by manufacturer for a useful purpose. It helps to maintain proper flow of oil into engine while maintaining its cleaning, lubricating and cooling needs.  Even when I started changing by vehicle oil myself then also I kept on using same large fuel filter. These instances helped me to learn lessons for life and after that I never tried to handover my vehicle to any random repair service provider. Even if I face repair issues during my ride then also I simply prefer to call Mass Towing Services and they handle everything as per manufacturer advises.

Note that, most of the new cars demand oil change at 5000 miles or even after that. Also, when you visit a technician for oil changes then he will prefer to check other vital fluids also as well as the hoses and belts. But if we keep on changing oil our self at home every time then these car maintenance checks may get missed. In order to protect your car, it’s good to follow the routine for oil changing.

As oil helps to lubricate all parts of your automobile engine so it is essential to pay more attention for its care. Note that, professional’s rate fresh oil as best solution to deal with common issues like friction as well as fatigue faced by engine. When there is improper lubrication inside metal engine then its parts start rubbing against each other and they suffer huge damage; ultimately, engine stops working. Thus it is essential to add fresh oil into engine at regular time intervals so that proper lubrication can be ensured. Prefer to contact Mass Towing Services at Lynn, MA to ensure superior and trustworthy guidelines regarding oil changes. There is no doubt to say that engine oil works like a preventive medicine for the health of your vehicle. Go through the owners manual to get some details about routine care of your vehicle. Sometime oil choices also vary as per the temperature conditions of your living space and with time of the year. So the best advice is to consult trustworthy professionals in your area as they can provide best guidelines about most suitable automobile engine oil for your vehicle.

Every time when you change oil of your engine, you make an effort to improve life span of your engine. This process naturally boosts performance of engine while ensuring cost saving on gasoline. Note that, older oil goes gummy and dirty with time so it causes overload on engine’s normal work process. When engine is not able to work smoothly then it naturally burns more fuel and the process is naturally going to harm your pocket. It is better to understand this interrelation at right time so that right efforts can be made to improve health of engine and ultimately to boost lifespan of your vehicle. Contact Mass Towing Services at 1117R Western Avenue, Lynn, MA to get complete solution for your engine maintenance and vehicle repair needs.