Mass Towing Services Delivers Road Side Assistance Near Lynn, Ma

Recently, while traveling for business in unfamiliar territory, I found myself in need of road side assistance near Lynn, MA. I was in a rental car at the time, it was nearly midnight, and I was on a pretty isolated stretch of road. I had a flat tire, with no way of changing it, and no spare. This kind of emergency always seems to catch a person by surprise, unless they have proactively prepared ahead of time. In my case, I was unprepared for car trouble, but I am beyond thankful that I had just heard a commercial for Mass Towing Services on the radio. Their number was pretty easy to remember, so I called them at 1-844-MASS-TOW. They arrived within minutes to take care of all my towing needs. Luckily, their business number is hard to forget, so if I ever need their help again – which I secretly hope I don't – I've got it memorized.


If you ever find yourself in need of emergency auto assistance, my advice to you is to take a breather, and collect your thoughts. Learning from my experience, ask yourself if you are serviced by any types of agencies that can help you out in this stressful situation.


First, are you a member of an auto club, such as AAA? Do you belong to Road America? Companies such as these provide help to people who pay for a membership. Sometimes, you may be a member and not even know it, as these sorts of perks can often be a part of a group membership package with other clubs or affiliations. For example, my next door neighbor, Fran Dirks, belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce, where she pays monthly dues. “I was completely unaware that my chamber affiliation automatically enrolled me in AAA,” Fran told me. Anytime she needs road side assistance near Lynn, MA, she can just call the number on her card for free towing services.


Secondly, many car insurance policies come with an option of adding road side assistance. For example, you may have a flat tire, and not be prepared with the tools you need to change it, or may have forgotten to put a spare tire in the trunk. In this case, you only have to call the number on your insurance card, and they will do one of two things. They will either locate the nearest towing service for you and send them your way, or they will allow you to choose your desired towing service, if you have one, and they will cover the expense. If you have a choice in the matter, I highly recommend Mass Towing Services – the same company that I called - when you need road side assistance near Lynn, MA. They're familiar with the inner workings of insurance companies, and they've dealt with insurance claims before.


Additionally, when you buy a new car, often an emergency assistance package is part of your purchase price. For instance, when I purchased my new Honda Odyssey a few years ago, Honda Care was included, which provided me with one entire year of emergency road side assistance near Lynn, MA or anywhere else I may travel for business or pleasure. Thank goodness I never had to use it, but if I had, I would have definitely been in good hands. Jim Barber, the salesperson who I worked with at Hawthorne Honda, provided more insight into this new car perk. “Every new car that drives off of our lot leaves with at least one year of free emergency roadside coverage. You can also purchase an additional year at a very low price. I've found that this feature provides my clients with peace of mind that they just don't get when they buy an older, used vehicle, without the emergency coverage.”


Maybe you have none of the options above: no auto club membership, no car manufacturer coverage and no insurance policy that would cover any road side assistance near Lynn, MA and beyond. In that case, you still have one fantastic option to get out of a jam and back on the road. You can call the professionals at Mass Towing Services. They're familiar with numerous scenarios that you might experience out on the open road, and can help you with all your towing needs. If you hit a deer while driving on the highway, or you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and your car won't start, they've got you covered.


Lastly, I need to touch on something that's important to every American today, and that's price. They are, hands down, the best and most affordable option for road side assistance near Lynn, MA. Auto emergencies are something that very few people plan for, so when you're surprised with car trouble, the last thing you want is to have to pay an exorbitant amount just to get your car towed. Luckily, Mass Towing understands that you'd rather spend your money on fun things, and they price their services accordingly.


The night that I needed road side assistance near Lynn, MA could have ended up so much worse than it did, and I'm thankful for the team that came to my aid. As I stated earlier, it was late at night and I was unfamiliar with the area. I'll admit, I was scared. But my fear quickly turned to relief when I saw the headlights of the tow truck within 15 minutes of my phone call. I thank the team at Mass Towing Services for their professionalism and their fast response.


You never know when car trouble will strike, leaving you in dire need of road side assistance near Lynn, MA and the surrounding area. Plan ahead and take charge by knowing what your options are. When you are in need of fast, professional and affordable service, call Mass Towing Services. Remember that catchy number I called when I needed help? 1-844-MASS-TOW. Now you know who to call when trouble strikes out on the open road.

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