Safety Tips For Towing Your Car Or Boat

Towing a car, as basic as it may seem, is a not a simple task. There are a lot of highly technical aspects that need to be considered before you can tow your car or boat. Like a car or boat owner or tow service provider, it is important to have proper knowledge of the safety guides for towing. Having this knowledge will help you properly equip yourself in the case of a breakdown of your car or boat. There is also free roadside assistance in Lynn, MA that you can reach out to in case of this type of emergency. The guides will enable you accurately relay your needs to them.


If you are in need of a tow company near Lynn, some companies can render assistance. Also, most of the tow companies cover car, motorcycle, truck and boat towing services and sometimes even provide roadside assistance services like tire changes. They also run a 24-hour towing service, so if you need your car towed at any time of the day, you can always reach out to an emergency tow service company near you.


After a thorough study of the operations of various roadside assistance providers, we recommend the following safety guides for car towing. This guide is expected to help educate car owners, amateur tow truck company’s or individuals who intend to venture into towing services on the do’s and don’ts of car towing:


There is a manufacturer’s recommendation for attaching safety chains. Every tow truck driver is advised to adhere to these recommendations when they use safety chains arise, especially when fastening. The safety chain is essential and should be crossed under the tongue of the vehicle to avoid the tongue dropping to the road and if it separates from the hitch. Never attach them to the bumper. Give enough space between both vehicles to enable proper turns along the way. Do not, however, allow the safety chains to drag on the ground.


The tow truck driver, before every operation, must ensure the functionality of the tail lights, brake lights and turn signals of the car about to be towed. The car’s lights should function simultaneously with the tow truck. They should also employ the use of accessories like light sensitive outfits to increase the visibility of the tow truck driver in the dark, light sensitive caution signs, and brake light accessories. These accessories can be fastened to the rear end of the car being towed by a belt or a lodestone. It is a standard operational procedure in most cities.


The tow truck driver should know the right vehicle to use in different instances. Not all tow vehicles can carry the same weight, so be sure you know your measurements before the purchase of the tow vehicle. The best way to achieve this is first to ascertain the maximum weight of the car’s that require towing and pair them with the tow truck that can conveniently pull their weight. Take for instance the Mitsubishi Fuso truck has a towing capacity of over 3.5 tons.


Every tow truck driver should ensure that the steering wheel is in proper working condition before veering off onto the road. Bearing in mind that when reversing, the tow truck rotates in a converse direction with the tire, Roadside assistance providers recommend that the tow truck drivers place one hand at the base of the tow trucks steering wheel and control it in the desired manner they would have the tow truck go when backpedaling. Rotating of the steering wheel should be done in a slow and smooth motion.


The tow truck driver should be cautious in the application of brakes at stops. They should be especially careful when a car is being towed so as not to cause further damage to the car and other road users. They should maintain the standard tow truck speed limit and obey all traffic rules and regulations.


The tow truck driver should always ensure the load on the tow truck is firm and wouldn’t break free on any account. There are several experiences of accidents caused by tow trucks losing their load and causing road obstructions.


Tow truck companies should carry out routine training for their staff to keep them updated on the rules and guidelines. They should have proper training so as to be fully equipped to handle any situation they encounter.


There are specific tow truck routes in Lynn, MA. All tow trucks must comply with the regulations according to the type of vehicle being towed or the kind of load it carries. There are also specific driving techniques a tow truck driver should know and apply to different situations like traffic and weather, as they arise.


Certain emergency driving actions may need to be taken along the line by a tow truck driver. Each emergency procedure is carried out according to the weight of the load the vehicle carries or the car towed. Proper fatigue maneuver procedures should be applied if symptoms of fatigue arise.


Other towing regulations are more specific to Lynn, MA. So, an extensive study is required for those who wish to get a thorough and more practical knowledge. These basic tips, however, are the major guides on which other principles and guides rest. So with strict adherence to the above-stated rules, the safety of life and property can be ensured. Towing isn't a job that should be left for an amateur.