Getting the best scrap value of a car near Lexington MA

What is my old car worth? It is not uncommon to find scrap car sellers trying to value the estimated worth of their old vehicles. The truth is your old cars can fetch you a fair amount of money if you trade them at auto scrap services. Auto scrap services have a set system to calculate the scrap value of a car near Lexington MA. In many cases, junk cars are usually worth around 20 to 40 percent of the car's used value.

You shouldn't let your old cars go to waste when you can make a cool amount from them at auto scrap. An excellent way to earn from your clunker is to sell them at Mass towing services. We have a cash for cars service that guarantee favourable pricing for your vehicle. We pride ourselves in offering a higher scrap value of a car near Lexington MA than many other scrap car buyers.

Apart from our cash for cars services, Mass towing services also offers extensive general car services that provide a comprehensive range of services ranging from towing, repairs, car scrapping and recycling, to mention a few. We deliver the best services at our auto scrap services. All it takes is to give us a call to find our nearest scrap yard closest to you, then get paid for your vehicle.

What do you get for your vehicle?

Knowing how much you stand to get from your vehicle is very important. The scrap car value of a car near Lexington MA is determined by a number of factors, some of which would be discussed in this article. Let's get started.

The Vehicle type

What type of car is it? One of the first factors that are considered during the vehicle appraisal is the vehicle type. The brand, model and year is an essential deciding factor in calculating the current market value of your vehicle and the recyclable components. Usually, auto scrap services use a car placing system that analyzes and compares your car's reusable parts to provide the scrap value of a car near Lexington MA. Vehicles that contain more recyclable materials are worth more than cars that have fewer materials.

Also, the demand for a particular vehicle model affects pricing. If your scrap car is widely sought, it would have a higher valuation.

Mass towing services accepts all types of vehicles at our auto scrap yards. You can get a good deal for any car irrespective of year, brand and model.

Market trends

Price is never constant. The same can be said to the pricing of scrap metal. The current price of scrap metal also determines the scrap value of a car near Lexington MA.

Your cars are valued for the reusable parts and scrap metal. An average car contains about 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminium. These metals are salvaged from your vehicles and resold at the scrap metal. As a result, the price of scrap metal affects scrap car value.

The physical condition of your vehicle

Your vehicle's physical condition determines how much the car buyer would be willing to pay for it. Cars in good conditions might have a good resale value and hence, a high scrap car value. Likewise, vehicles that are basically junk gets a lower scrap car value.  It all depends on whether your vehicle is in a marketable condition.

At Mass towing services, you still stand to get a fair price for your vehicle, regardless of how your car looks.

Demands for auto parts

Think back to basic economics; the demand for auto parts affect the scrap value of a car near Lexington MA. The higher the demand, the higher the value of your junk car. In short, you get to enjoy high pricing If your vehicle has auto parts which are in high demand.

Keeping the parts of your vehicle in salvageable condition is crucial towards getting fair pricing. Also, some parts are valued higher than others. Suppose your car has working wheels, electrical system, lights, and many other features. In that case, it is more likely to command a higher price.

Get a favourable scrap value of a car at Lexington MA at Mass towing services

We offer you the opportunity to get the most from your scrap vehicle. We buy all sorts of used and junk cars in Lexington MA. Our prices are guaranteed to leave you with maximum satisfaction. Contact us to get started.