Sell my car without title near Danvers MA to Mass towing services

Are you no longer in possession of your title? You would need it to sell your old vehicles to many of the car trading platforms around you. It is an integral part of the car trading process. A car seller tenders it to the car buyer to prove that he (or she) is registered as the car's legal owner.  As a result, it may be challenging to sell my car without title near Danvers MA. This will not be a problem if you sell to a buyer that can modify the car sale to get your vehicle. Mass towing services can buy your vehicle despite the unavailability of the car title.

What is the certificate of title?

The certificate of title (also called car title or pink slip) is a legal document that backs up your claim as the owner of your vehicle. It provides you with undisputable proof of ownership for your vehicle. For this, it contains necessary information about the car owner and technical details about the car. Some of the data you can see on the car title are;

  • The registered car owner details- name and address

  • The vehicle license plate number 

  • Technical information such as the odometer reading, mileage, gross weight, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

  • Other details about your car such as model, brand, color, and year

  • Lienholder details

These details make the car title important. You may be unable to sell my car without title near Danvers MA.

After making the decision to sell your vehicle, you also have to prepare your vehicle paper for the car buyer. The car buyer is mandated by law to request the car title and other necessary documents that show proof of ownership. They are also used to document the transfer of ownership from the car seller to the new owner.

How to sell my car without title near Danvers MA?

Having a vehicle to sell isn't enough; you need appropriate vehicle documents for the sale. While your car may garner attention from a large number of car buyers, you are limited without your car title document. Some of the high-paying car buyers choose not to deal with car sellers who do not have their titles. This is because the unavailability of the car title complicated the car trade. Car buyers want to be sure that they are dealing with the legal owner of the vehicle. The car title provides proof of that. This eliminates any future problem that comes with the possession of an untitled car. Also, it may be a sign of irregularities, discrepancies, or even faults with the vehicle.  The primary use of the car title makes it a lot more challenging to sell my car without title near Danvers MA.

The unavailability of your car title puts you at a significant disadvantage, you can still trade it for cash at some select car trading services. Some auto scrap yards offer cash for cars service that you can utilize to sell your vehicle despite the title's unavailability. Mass towing services offers this and more.

Mass towing services is dedicated to providing you with the best car trading experience. For these reasons, we have a car trading platform that accepts all types of vehicles, irrespective of how your vehicle looks or whether you have your car title or not. Even better, we recognize that car sellers want to get the best deals possible on their vehicles. For this reason, our car trading platform is specially tailored to give you the best prices when you sell my car without title near Danvers MA to us.

Another way to sell my car without title near Danvers MA is to get a new duplicate title at the department of motor vehicle (DMV). There is a specialized process at the DMV to help you get a new title. All you have to do is pay the required fee, submit your vehicle documents and fill the necessary forms to apply for a new title. However, this is a time-consuming process; it would be faster to sell to an auto scrap yard like Mass towing services that accept other proof of identification like the driving license, vehicle registration, and photo ID.

Do you want to sell your car with no title? No problem. Bring it to Mass towing services. We work with you to monetize your vehicles even in the absence of necessary paperwork. Also, we guarantee the best prices.