Wrecker Service Near Saugus, MA

The Mass Towing Services in Saugus, MA provides a complete range of services for 24x7 and 365 days. No matter when you face trouble on the roadside, all that you need to do is call them and they will manage everything with ease.

There are so many troubles associated with a vehicle due to its complex mechanical structure. Even if you are aware of mechanics involved in a car still sometimes it is still not possible to find the fault that suddenly stopped your car from running during your trip. Those who have bought a new car may also find some troubles that are not easy to diagnose with “do it yourself” procedures. The best idea is to call professionals from your city and let them handle the issues with right tools and proper procedures.

The professional companies use to have various types of wreckers to handle all kind of vehicles with their roadside assistance programs. When you call the service provider, it is essential to let them know about the type of vehicle you own and the condition that it is facing at that moment. It will help them to come with the right equipment’s that suits your vehicle type and it will stay safe even when towed to a long distance.

Here are three most common choices for tow trucks selection:

  • Flatbed:

In most of the cases, professionals prefer to use the flatbed towing vehicle. This specially designed vehicle not only deals with the lifting job rather it also moves the vehicle with safety while ensuring no damage during long distance movement. These wreckers work with a hydraulic system that manages all the hard work with ease. The bed perfectly rolls back and sets on right angles so that car can be easily derived on this bed. Once the vehicle is loaded, then the bed is simply lowered down to the resting position. 

  • Wheel Lift:

This type of wrecker also does the amazing job in terms of safety and damage free movements. Here, the lifting task is executed with the help of wheels. In this case of wheel lift towing, the car is dragged using a metal yoke type construction instead of the hydraulic system used by the flatbed services

  • Hook and Chain:

Here is one of the oldest methods of towing and it is least safe for long distance towing needs. Such type of towing service is not preferred for running vehicles but yes when someone needs to move the junk cars then it could be the helpful and low-cost solution. The towing mechanism in this case simply consists of a chain and hook arrangement that helps to drag the car behind. 

So, whenever you face a car breakdown on the roadside and need immediate assistance from professionals then it is always essential to mention about what type of towing service you need. Mass Towing Service providers in Saugus, MA are trained enough to handle all kind of towing needs with a minimal service fee. You can soon avail best towing service at any location in the city with these trustworthy professionals.